Scott Cady

Senior IT Quality & Compliance Consultant, Azzur Group

Mr. Cady has an impressive 20 years’ experience in leading cutting-edge IT improvement initiatives and has been made noteworthy by translating executive vision into sweeping reforms to streamline operations and reduce costs in keeping organizations viable in fiercely competitive markets.

Scott is well-respected as a leader in galvanizing teams to embrace a singular vision and oneness of purpose coupled with a deep commitment to staff training and mentoring.

With a winning personality and approachable manner, Scott serves as a powerful influencer amongst business executives, opinion drivers, and key stakeholders and have an impressive history in providing exceptional customer service and client support.

As a champion of securing consensus, Scott is regarded for building and maintaining strong working relationships with business executives, vendors, key stakeholders, and opinion drivers.

He is also highly regarded for delivering sophisticated projects on-time and within budget despite demanding expectations, shifting priorities, ambiguities, and stringent deadlines.

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