Joe Ault, Senior Product
Marketing Manager, Software, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Joe Ault has a diverse professional background in pharma, having contributed significantly to validation campaigns for both small-scale, gene therapy startups and large pharma firms. Previously, Joe was a senior manager of computerized system validation at a cell and gene therapy startup, where his focus was on commercialization. He has also held roles as a computerized system validation engineer focused on laboratory and manufacturing systems.
In addition to his roles at pharmaceutical firms, Joe has served as a validation consultant for industry leaders specializing in chromatography data systems. In this capacity, he played a crucial role in ensuring the validation and compliance of these systems, contributing to the reliability and accuracy of critical data for regulated customers.
With a career spanning commercialization in startups and validation expertise of chromatography data systems, Joe is now focused on the creation and delivery validation services in support of customers of Thermo Fisher’s enterprise software products.
He can be reached at
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