Dr. José C. Menezes
CSO, ValGenesis

Dr. José C. Menezes is ValGenesis CSO. He created and manages since 2007 a post-graduate program in Pharmaceutical Engineering at the Technical University of Lisbon, covering QRM, QbD, MS&T and LCM.
He was founder and chairman of award-winning 4Tune Engineering Ltd a leading and pioneering company for almost 2 decades in MS&T and QRM, now a ValGenesis company.

José Menezes has 4 books, more than 100 peer-reviewed papers published, aprox. 250 international conference presentations and about 80 MSc and PhD theses supervised, on the above subjects. He is recipient of several national and international awards including a presidential award, on innovation and excellence in industrial partnerships.

José’s hobbies include offshore blue-water sailing, carpentry and vegetables farming. He has 3 adult sons and daughter.

Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josé-cardoso-de-menezes-a759bb12

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