Jeroen van Loo

Global Business Management, ELPRO Global

Jeroen van Loo Cold Chain Specialist Pharmaceutical Industry. Interested in new ways, better ways to optimize life for my surroundings and me. Since 2003, active in the pharmaceutical cold chain industry, including the last 10 years with ELPRO. Working with SME’s and large Pharma organizations understanding the day-to-day challenges of life science organizations in operating temperature-control products in transit. Enjoying being part of the implementation of new monitoring and data management technology and adapting processes. In the end, it reaps significant benefits to global cold chain operations. From 2017, until July 2022 based in the USA supporting the local ELPRO Inc. team. For pleasure, he coaches and runs the local High School Mounting Bike Team as a team director with 35 riders and 8 coaches. He likes to go fast taking calculated risks, and explore new trails.

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