William Simmons

Head of Global Investigations & Associate Director Compliance, Lonza Group Ltd

Will Simmons is the Head of Global Investigations and Associate Director, Global Ethics Compliance at Lonza Group, a chemical and biotechnology company. His primary role involves the investigation and resolution of ethics and compliance related issues. He also oversees due diligence screening and management of third parties as well as directs and manages the implementation of the global Ethics and Compliance training and education program. Prior to assuming this role, Will worked in a variety of different positions within the pharmaceutical industry to include Modified Release manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and DEA Controlled Substance auditing. Additionally, he served as an active duty captain in the Air Force in the capacity of a federal agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, specializing in counterintelligence and counter-insurgency operations. He is an Iraq War veteran and recipient of the Bronze Star and Air Force Combat Action Medal and serves as a Leadership Fellow with the non-profit group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

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