Morgan Polen

Cleanroom, Particulate and Airflow Expert, Microrite, Inc.

Morgan Polen is a subject matter expert in the field of contamination control, airflow visualization and particle monitoring in cleanrooms.  Morgan has over 35 Years of industry experience working in various industries that utilize cleanrooms.  With practical contamination control experience in semiconductor, data storage, flat panel display, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, defense, food, beverage, agricultural, automotive, power transmission, and solar panel manufacturing facilities. Morgan’s experience has helped manufactures identify a wide variety of contamination problems such as: contamination generation sources (viable, non-viable, fungal, electrostatic, and chemical) as well as the migration of these contaminants through facilities. His audits and investigations have discovered unidentified facility problems, and design errors that would have resulted in regulatory comments, contaminated products, or customer complaints. His holistic approach to contamination control benefits end users, equipment suppliers and regulators as he is constantly learning and passing on his experiences to others.

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