Alexandra Bezilla
Project Manager, Technical Specialist, Sherpa Pharma

Currently, as a key member of the SherphaPharma team, Alex Bezilla is at the forefront of innovation in environmental monitoring software solutions. Day-to-day, she navigates complex challenges, provides training, and offers crucial support to ensure clients’ compliance with their environmental monitoring programs.

Having contributed significantly to industry leaders such as Lonza, Qiagen, Roosterbio, Emergent Biosolutions, and CBMG, Alex brings a blend of technical acumen with hands-on expertise. As a career QC scientist and growing compliance expert, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Alex holds an undergraduate degree in Biochemical Engineering from UMBC and a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Clemson University. Beyond the laboratory, she brings a global perspective, having lived abroad in China, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Alex also enjoys rock climbing and indulges in tabletop gaming.

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