Women Leading Validation: Actionable Communication

Thursday, October 6 | 4:00PM ET 

Presented by: Debra Roberts, LCSW, is conversation expert, an author and developer of The Relationship Protocol® communication model

ProcellaRX and KENX are excited to bring Debra to Women Leading Validation. She has been instrumental in the lives of many, and we know that her message will resonate with many of you personally and professionally.

In this workshop, you will learn actionable communication tips that you can use right away. When we have tools for practical but effective communication, we can:

  • Bring up topics that are important to us
  • Resolve disagreements and build deeper connections confidently defuse an interaction when tension is rising as a result of your differences
  • Approach a challenging person to get the best outcome prepare for high stakes conversations

If you have any questions for Debra prior to the presentation, please let us know and we will be sure to pass them along. Learn more at https://www.therelationshipprotocol.com/

A sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who has expressed interest in this initiative. Support – especially from our male allies – is critical to advancing the conversation and culture. However, as this new initiative gets established, it is important that we first foster a safe environment for our female colleagues to share their perspective and experience of current state and future opportunity. As a result, please note that the initial kick-off sessions are designated for women only.

This approach is not an attempt to exclude any voice, but rather, to create a uniquely safe space for voices that may not typically be shared. Ally support is critical to the broader work and future programming, so while initial gathering is limited to females, we all play an important role in our future state. We will continue to update you on opportunities to engage and contribute.  Thank you again to everyone who continues to express interest and energy around this important initiative.


Debra Roberts, LCSW

Conversation Expert, Author and Developer of The Relationship Protocol®

Debra Roberts, LCSW, is conversation expert, an author and developer of The Relationship Protocol® communication model. With a background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a business consultant, and a trauma consultant, Debra has over 25 years of experience working with challenging relationships and interactions in all settings. Debra’s proprietary and proven approach helps socially conscious organizations that are focused on communication and culture in the workplace.

Learn more at https://www.therelationshipprotocol.com/

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