Analytical Monitoring and Preventative
Maintenance of Compendial Water Purification

November 30th, 2021

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Bulk compendial water generations systems employ multiple unit operations. Successful long-term controlled operation of individual unit operations for the specific removal of one or more contaminants, requires sampling, selective analysis, monitoring and proactive preventative maintenance. Periodic sampling for chemical and microbial attributes, coupled with online monitoring techniques such as a total chlorine analyzer, total hardness analyzer, and/or conductivity meter(s), can be used to trend the performance of each unit operation and establish a responsive preventative maintenance program. Microbial monitoring of product water from the individual unit operations through the entire compendial water generation system coupled with the maintenance program can significantly reduce potential microbial excursions in product compendial water.


Top Ten Benefits

  • Drinking Water chemical and microbial monitoring program
  • Individual pretreatment system purification component product water monitoring based on unit functionality
  • Microbial monitoring and control for disinfecting agent removal component considering technique and type of disinfecting agent.
  • Evaluation of water softening unit operation including ion exchange resin performance, regeneration procedure and frequency of regeneration.
  • Sampling and analysis of reverse osmosis product water coupled with online flow rate, pressure, and conductivity data to determine system performance and proactive maintenance program.
  • Product water monitoring for support components including rechargeable ion exchange canisters, continuous electrodeionization, inline ultraviolet sanitization, and membrane filtration.
  • Establishing a proactive preventative maintenance program for pretreatment components.
  • Establishing a proactive preventative maintenance program for ion removal components including reverse osmosis, mixed ion exchange, and continuous electro deionization units.
  • The importance of data trending coupled with analytical monitoring for individual components in the compendial water generation system.
  • How a compendial water generation system responsive chemical and microbial monitoring program and proactive preventative maintenance program can significantly reduce the risk of potential excursions in final product water.



Bill Collentro

Senior Consultant, Pharmaceutical Water Specialists, LLC

With forty+ years of experience, William V. Collentro is a renowned expert in high purity water systems, filtration, and water for injection. In 1998, he wrote Pharmaceutical Water:  System Design, Operation, and Validation, with second edition in 2010, which is still regarded as the authoritative text on life science water issues.  He holds four patents on purification systems (two U.S. and two international).   A highly popular and provocative speaker on water topics at national and forums (including FDA, the International Water Conference, and the Parenteral Drug Association), he has authored over 100 papers, many pioneering new insights and processes.  He is the founder and senior consultant for Pharmaceutical Water Specialists in Plymouth, MA, and teaches High Purity Water Systems for the Temple University’s RAQA graduate program.