Physician Engagement Done Right:
Industry’s Best Practices with
Christopher Gingras

A major component of pharmaceutical marketing activities is Physician Engagement and compliance teams need to ensure an ethical, streamlined, and amicable strategy to engage physicians. From the sales team to the regulatory compliance team, it is very important to get a cordial working relationship with physicians who are eager to advise new solutions for their patients.

But how to reach the right physicians?

What kind of pharmaceutical content are they most receptive to?

How to build ever-lasting relationships with these physicians?

What you will learn?

This webinar by qordata in collaboration with Christopher Gingras will cover:

  • Industry’s best practices regarding physician engagement
  • Tips to implement an ethical, streamlined, and amicable strategy to engage physicians
  • Best practices to engage physicians for remediation of disputes etc.

Top Ten Benefits

  1. Top subject matter experts will guide on most effective practices for interactions with HCPs
  2. Get industry insights to devise a prompt and balanced strategy for physician engagement
  3. Be able to remediate disputes and conflicts more efficiently after this webinar
  4. A solid 10/10 rating for qordata webinars in terms of relevance and up-to-date information
  5. Value driven content tailored around the needs of compliance community
  6. 50% repeat attendee reflecting the educational value of qordata webinars
  7. Top compliance professionals as a part of speakers’ panel
  8. On-demand webinar access, to provide you with the recorded sessions of our past webinars
  9. Dedicated Q&A section during the webinar to answer your queries
  10. Post-webinar attendee’s webinar pack consisting of recording and presentation deck


Christopher Gingras


Christopher is the Founder and CEO of MedCompli, a software solution that simplifies compliance for life science companies. A compliance and business ethics expert with 20+ years of experience, he helps compliance professionals resolve complex regulatory issues and develop global compliance programs that effectively minimize business risk.

Mohammad Ovais


Mohammad Ovais is the Founder & CEO at qordata and has spent a decade building analytical solutions and applications for Fortune 1000 companies. qordata is a data analytics and integration startup specialized in providing technological solutions for ensuring regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Prior to this, he served as the Managing Partner/Co-Founder at Streebo. With a bachelor’s in computer science from Rice University and EMP from MIT, he serves on the board of Entrepreneur Organization as Strategic Alliances Chair.