Exploring Employee Engagement, Retention Trends, and Overall Impact

Mike Martin, President, CAI 

Ellyn Ludden, Human Performance Principal Consultant, CAI

December 2, 2021

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT

Join KENX and CAI as we present this collaborative Think Tank session. Hear from industry experts and collaborate with peers facing similar challenges in employee management and retention. These Think Tank sessions allow you to learn, share, collaborate and leave with new strategies to improve operations within your organization.

Part 1- Exploring leadership challenges in employee retention

  • Share current situation with peers
  • Establish pain points with employee retention
  • Discuss contributing factors
  • Explore differences among industries, departments
  • Peer discussion

Part 2- Candid discussion around importance of leadership and culture

  • Intentional leadership impact on engagement and retention
    • Tools for maximum impact: 1:1s, coaching, involvement, feedback
    • Impact of culture on retention and recruitment
  • Best practice discussion

Part 3- Now what?

  • Practical tools for enhancing your leadership and positively impacting your team and organization
  • Tips on how to increase employee engagement and the importance on other key drivers
  • Develop your action plan

Takeaway tools:

  • Awareness of leaderships impact on retention
  • Leadership team assessment
  • What you’re doing to help or negatively impact your employee base
  • Key attributes to retaining top talent
  • Link between engagement and retention
  • Coaching as beneficial tool- who’s ready?

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