Achieving Readiness Under Uncertainty -
Improving Your Speed to Market

September 22nd, 2021 11:00 AM – 12 PM SST

September 21st, 2021 11:00 PM – 12 AM EDT

This webinar introduces participants to a different way of thinking about Speed to Market that calibrates our understanding of what it means to be Operationally Ready.   Speed to Market has its apparent advantages, yet few organizations establish suitable systems to achieve one of the key milestones to make Speed to Market a reality — achieving a state of Operational Readiness.  In industries such as the chemical and energy sectors, Operational Readiness programs are an essential part of their management systems.  The life sciences sector would benefit from adopting similar practices, but this requires us to move beyond relatively simple “check the box” activities such as equipment and process qualification and look at the whole system of people, procedures, and plant equipment holistically.

Attendees should expect to learn or refresh their knowledge on the following:

a) Introduction to Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking

b) Introduction to Operational Readiness

c) Startup Risks / FDA Assessments

d) An Operational Readiness Framework:

    1. Production friendly equipment
    2. Procedures
    3. People

e) Vertical Startup – defining and measuring

f) The long-term outcome – Operational Excellence


Richard Tree

Chief Operating Officer, CAI

As CAI’s COO, Rich is responsible for global operations of over 600 engineering professionals.  A creative thinker and hands-on senior consultant with 38 years of experience leading operational excellence efforts in both manufacturing and service organizations.  He is driven to form and build high-performance teams.  He guides customers to develop unified strategies that ultimately improve their organizational management, enterprise agility, human performance, and asset management practices. An experienced lean six-sigma subject matter expert, he is personally credited with the lean transformation of 9 manufacturing sites and mentoring over 34 manufacturing sites in advanced lean operations and World Class Manufacturing operations.

Richard’s leadership roles began in the US Navy submarine force.  He held several key operations leadership roles in three manufacturing companies prior to joining CAI.

He is currently studying for a Doctor of Engineering at George Washington University where his research focuses on high reliability organizations. He holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia College.