Shada Warreth, BSc, MSc

Senior Bioprocessing Trainer & Training Coordinator; Ph.D. Researcher, TU Dublin

Shada graduated in 2007 from Tallaght IT with a BSc. (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science where she was awarded with Best Student Placement award. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2010 with an MSc. in Pharmaceutical Medicine. Shada has over three years industry experience from Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals and Gilead Sciences Limited in QC, QA and production/packaging. She has a Certificate in Training and Continuing Education and a Diploma in Business Management and Psychology. She also has a Diploma in Project Management. Shada joined NIBRT in November 2010 and specialises in Aseptic Processing and Fill Finish Operations. Shada is consultant lecturer for Distance (Online) Learning at IT Sligo. Shada is currently pursuing a Ph.D. is the regulation of ATMPs with the PRST (Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science Team) in TU Dublin.