Rajan Ramaswami

Senior Director, Integrated Product Development, PharmaLex

Research scientist with nearly 25 years drug development experience in managing Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) operations for successful drug development programs.  

  • Characterization of Small molecules, recombinant proteins, oligonucleotide analogs 
  • Formulation development of small molecules and protein-based drug products
  • Manufacturing optimization in organic and process chemistry 
  • Develop product formulation system for delivery recombinant protein therapeutics and biosimilars.. 
  • Evaluate and recommend CMOs for the manufacture and supply of drug substance and drug product for non-clinical, clinical and commercial supply.  
  • Develops strategic technical programs within the CMC realm including product characterization, process development, analytical methods, formulation development, stability, and scale up processing 
  • Life Cycle Process Validation using QBD concepts. 
  • Synthesis and characterization of phospholipids polypeptide conjugates for use targeted diagnostic application. 
  • Optimization and production of  lipid nanoparticles, microbubbles with the ability to anchor targeting agents.